Are we a good fit? I provide comforting, connected, personal experiences in which you can relax and realign. If you prefer experiences that are impersonal or emotionally disconnected, physically forceful or painful you should seek them somewhere else because you will not get them here.

Chair Massage involves stretching, pressure, tendon-loading and joint mobilization. It is conducted clothed and seated, and is similar to Shiatsu. It primarily targets the hands, arms, shoulders, and neck. Excellent for the upper back, less useful for the lower back, this is a good option for many office workers dealing with upper body tension. It the most structural and least emotional session I do. The basic Chair Massage session is one half hour.

Reiki is energy work. It is received clothed, with light touch or no touch (your choice). An intensified stream of energy is focused through you, aligned and connected; restoring your energetic integrity and patterning a more healthy state of internal referencing. If you have been blown open by psychedelics, traumatic impacts or disorienting relationships, this might be a good place to start to reestablish containment. The basic Reiki session is one half to one and a half hours. This Reiki session is based on Polarity Therapy, developed by Randolph Stone.

Shiatsu is also energy work, but is received hands on. You may be stretched, pressed, rocked, or gently shaken. Natural flow patterns of energy will be encouraged and restored. Natural containment and self-referencing will be encouraged by boosting and saturating your field. If you feel grounded and comforted by touch, or have structural issues that would enjoy being gently addressed, this might be a good place to start. The basic Shiatsu session is one half hour to one and a half hours. This Shiatsu session is based on Polarity Therapy, developed by Randolph Stone, and the Zen Shiatsu of Shizuto Masunaga.

Massage is therapeutic touch using oil on skin, meeting and dissolving tension in layers. The session you receive will be personalized to your preferences; a relaxing and invigorating sports-style massage or an exquisitely meditative spa session. If you feel ready to improve your mobility and alignment, or relax completely in your own sensation, this might be a good place to start. The basic Massage session is 2 hours. This Massage session is based on Neo-Reichian Massage and the work of Gordon Inkeles.

Note on this massage style: About 90% of my massage clients are women and this style has developed around working with them. Women’s bodies have a higher body fat content then men’s, and are softer and more fluid. I work with this softness and fluidity; repatterning connective tissue and fascia and stimulating lymphatic drainage. This is a liquid, pleasurable massage style that gets systemic results by relaxing soft tissue and deep tissue. If you are hard or solid, or appreciate force this is probably wrong for you; select the Shiatsu style or allow me to refer you to the many excellent therapists I know who would be a better fit for you.

Note on massage draping: Massage is received unclothed but covered. The top sheet or ‘drape’ covers everything that is not receiving touch. Long strokes from the heels up to the shoulders are very effective, and much loved. Underwear blocks these flows. Thongs are a little easier to work with. Please wear what helps you feel comfortable — ideally nothing or something loose-fitting that can get oily.

Note on massage for injury: In cases of injury I aim for systemic relaxation in which injured areas can reassess their relationships with other parts. For example, for lower back issues I will work the legs, hips, back, core, and shoulders to relieve referred tension, and work the low back gently. When the torque from their neighbors is downgraded, the lumbar and sacral areas can realign to their own function.

The importance of taking time: Systemic relaxation takes trust; and trust takes time. It may take 60 minutes or more for a body to trust the person handling it and begin to relax into a state of fluidity. Work after this point is increasingly productive. A relaxation cycle of 90 – 120 minutes — similar to a sleep cycle — is common. For lasting results reaching and maintaining a relaxed state matters; thus two hours is my minimum for oil-based massage.
Basic massage workflow: You come in to the office and sit down. We discuss your intake form. I show you how the body cushion works. You pick the oil you like. If you need to the bathroom, you go. I leave the room while you get undressed, onto the table and covered. You call out when you are ready.  I return and begin the session. When the session is done, I leave the room. You get off the table and dressed. You open the door when you are ready for me to return. If you have feedback or comments I hear them. We handle payment. You go.