About Mo

The picture below is me, Mo Lohaus CMT, in August 2016, working at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers’ Market at Alcatraz and Adeline. I was certified in Neo-Reichian Massage, Shiatsu, and Polarity Therapy in 1995 and 1996 at Heartwood Institute, and have practiced in the Bay Area ever since.

My practice primarily serves the Bay Area’s conscious dance, yoga, Kohenet, and Burning Man communities; providing sensitive care to intelligent bodies.

Unusual beginnings:

I started out rubbing dogs and cats and did that for my first decade. They taught me all the essentials of how to be caring and well-connected. When I was nine I did my first back rub. As a teenager I learned sports / lymphatic drainage massage from books and practiced for a solid ten years before entering massage school. I learned that the kind of connection possible with animals is possible with people, and that creating a supportive setting is important: an honest, reverent relationship in which communication is encouraged; a comfortable, warm, place in which to disarm and relax; and enough time for organic relaxation patterns to run and complete — generally two hours, minimum.

By the time I was formally trained, I already knew what worked well, and was prepared to upgrade standard practices to those more effective; structuring therapy sessions and professional relationships to support the emotional content evoked by touch.

Unusual venues:

After graduating, I began a 10-year period of working on the street as well as in an office. I did chair massage on Market Street at Powell, in San Francisco, from 1997 to 2007, becoming a familiar presence. I also worked on Telegraph Avenue and the UC Berkeley Campus during this period, before moving to the Berkeley Farmers’ Market in 2010. I learned enormities about doing chair massage, and holding psychic space in places where there was no physical container. I also developed a hands-off energy work style that gets significant results. I tended to attract yogis and meditators who understood that I was offering an unusual degree of attunement and sensitivity which honored their own inner work and confirmed their inner wisdom.

I worked the festival circuit (Earthdance, Harmony, Symbiosis, Burning Man) heavily from 2004 to 2016, doing deep work with those willing to instigate powerful life changes. Sharing unguardedly, allowing myself to put down being an expert and meet every client as a complete authority on their own experience was deeply humanizing.

I did 5rhythms dance 40 – 50 times a year between 2004 and 2009, and was the resident bodyworker at Dance Jam > Dance Journey > Berkeley Ecstatic Dance from 2010 to 2015. I  began working at NCDC Dance Camp in 2010 and still do. Working with dancers has given me valuable experience with highly functional bodies. Working with these intelligent bodies was a natural extension of work with yogis and meditators, with the added feature of a population comfortable with deeply embodied states.

Over 200 healing sessions at Center Camp, Burning Man, over twelve summers, starting in 2004, decisively redefined  how I work: More honesty and more emotional connection mean more relaxation and more perceptual repatterning. Bond-strength created by consistently supportive verbal and touch-based communication seems more important than skill alone in creating safe experiences that unlock and realign us. Having truly precious people to work with each year refined my comfort in connecting deeply, and upgraded my integrity, attentiveness, and intuition in serving as a catalyst for others’ self-respect and authentic authority.

More and more my work seems like metaphysical therapy: changing the patterns below the surface, changing the beliefs that shape the feelings, the feelings that shape the beliefs, and the physical patterns that arise from both. 2017 and 2018 have seen a blooming of my work as I leverage my full sensitivity, and the vulnerability I occupy gives permission to clients to occupy it too.

Metaphysical roots:

Sciences of consciousness and elective perception developed by ancient people support all that I do. Yogic, Taoist, and Toltec practices guide and inform my life and have for about thirty years. These traditions offer practical means to real-world ends; resources for expanding and enriching awareness; and maps and milestones for migrating from social to natural referents. I particularly recommend: Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by BKS Iyengar, the Taoist New Year’s lectures of Liu Ming at DaYuanCircle.org, and The Fire from Within, by Carlos Castañeda. Thanks for your interest, and for the opportunity to grow together.