Mossage Massage Therapy

Celebrate your body. Reset your life. Feel wonderful.

Mossage has evolved over twenty years of working with dancers, yogis, and meditators; most of them women. The sensitive, conscious care provided here results from a process they have helped refine.

This experience is for you.

My thorough intake process helps you arrange an experience in which you feel supported, honored, and empowered.

It is safe to be yourself.

Attentive listening and caring contact help you feel accepted, understood, and appreciated; establishing a relationship in which you can confidently occupy and express more of yourself.

Your happiness matters.

Your signals are immediately noticed and responded to even when you are too relaxed to verbalize them.

You are the expert here.

Working within the guidelines of your preferences conduces deep states.

Feeling good is healthy.

Experiences of joyful serenity mobilize energy for healing and growth.

More than just massage, Mossage is an opportunity to feel wonderful, and experience cognitive, emotional, and physical integration..

Interested? Please browse this site and complete my >client intake form<. We’ll discuss it and schedule you.

In reverence,

Mo Lohaus, CMT
Voice/Text: 510.990.0440
Email: mo[at]mossage[dot]info

P.s. Find me at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market at Alcatraz and Adeline, 2 – 6:30 every Tuesday. ~(( Blessings ))~