Welcome to Mossage

I am here to help you feel good. And to build comfort and confidence through connection.

You can relax here. This therapy is about befriending your body, and the feelings and thoughts that happen there. My touch and words are quiet and kind. They will encourage you to accept, understand and appreciate yourself, as a being and a body, so that painful postures of personality can be released, and harmful thoughts and behaviors can be replaced.

I accept you. I have worked professionally for 22 years; independently; sliding scale; with clients from all parts of the social spectrum, and all kinds of challenges and bodies. You can be honest and direct with me about who you are, what your experiences have been, and what you want from our interaction. I will be honest with you about my ability and willingness to meet them.

I offer personal care. Touch is personal, and is best absorbed when you can relax with the person touching you. Ask me or tell me anything that helps you feel comfortable with me. I may be an expert at touch-based therapy, but you are the expert on what is right for you. We are collaborators, working to feel comfortable together.

Your feelings are the law here. I am extremely sympathetic, and will feel your feelings as strongly as my own. Connecting well and maintaining an experience of constant goodness are important to me. As your caretaker, I will stay in a dialog of touch that both hears and acknowledges you, anchoring and protecting you as you visit deep states where lost parts of yourself are reclaimed.

Positive reflection. How you perceive yourself shapes how you wear your body and how comfortably it fits. I will help you improve all three. My intake form, intake interview, and check-ins help me understand your challenges, experiences and goals, and help me support you skilfully.

I sincerely like people. I will enjoy meeting you, and will find the same joy in massaging you that I find in rubbing dogs and cats. It does my heart good to help you feel natural, happy and valued, and to create experiences whose only takeaways are gratitude and joy.

Mo Lohaus, CMT
Voice/Text: 510.990.0440
Email: mo[at]mossage[dot]info

New clients, please complete the intake questionnaire and discuss it with me before scheduling.

Between December 1st and March 1st I take a break from working at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays — it is just too cold to keep even a sealed tent warm. On the rare event that it is a very warm (upper 60s) windless day, I might show up; text me before noon that day to see if I will be there. If so, the address is Alcatraz Avenue at Adeline Avenue; the hours are 2 – 6:30 pm.

After many years, I have stopped working at Dance Jam / Dance Journey / Berkeley Ecstatic Dance on Friday nights. I dig Mark and Lolly, but am better served by sleeping early.