• Caring for hundreds of people, spending thousands of hours connected by touch, I have developed a gift for helping you accept and appreciate yourself, relax completely, and reset your life.

    My name is Mo, and I have been doing Mossage professionally for 22 years. I am here to help you build comfort and confidence through positive touch and a relationship where you feel valued.

    About 90% of my clients are women. Many require sensitive and conscious support. I have developed a layered process that provides it; assuring that our time together leaves you positive about yourself and empowered by what we shared.

    I may be an expert at touch therapy, but you are the expert on what is right for you: I have a preferences form that helps you describe that. We discuss it. Any blurry areas are brought into focus. Any questions either of us have are asked and answered.

    During the session, a system of mostly silent signaling keeps me constantly attentive and responsive to your preferences, and you able to communicate them, even if you are too relaxed to speak.

    Although I will do Reiki or Shiatsu sessions an hour long, my standard massage session is two hours, and a full-body session is three or more. Building connection, communication and trust are essential to doing positively life-changing work.

    Please fill out the preferences form before booking. Help me understand you. I will be honest about my ability to work with you, and if we are a match, will support you with utmost care. With my online scheduling system you can book an appointment today, either in my Berkeley office or at your location in the Bay Area. Feel welcome!

    Mo Lohaus, CMT • 510.990.0440 • molohaus[at]gmail.com

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  • Chair Massage Chair massage involves stretching, pressure, tendon-loading and joint mobilization. It is conducted clothed and seated. It primarily targets the hands, arms, shoulders, and neck. Excellent for the upper back, but not the lower back (which needs more stretching), it is a good option for many office workers dealing with upper body tension. It the most structural and emotionally neutral session I do. The basic Chair Massage session is one half hour. Chair Massage is available at the Farmers' Market on Tuesday between 2 and 6:30 PM at Alcatraz and Adeline, three blocks from Ashby BART, and during house calls. I do not keep a chair in my office, so scheduling a last-minute chair session is improbable. Reiki Reiki is energy work. It is received clothed, with light touch or no touch (your choice). An intensified stream of energy is focused through you, aligned and connected; restoring your energetic integrity and patterning a more healthy state of internal referencing. You'll know who you are, where you are, where you begin and where you end. If you have been blown open by psychedelics, traumatic impacts or disorienting relationships, this might be a good way to reestablish containment. • A Basic Reiki session is one hour. This Reiki is based on Polarity Therapy, developed by Randolph Stone; I have the Karuna Ki Reiki attunement, the one above Reiki Master. Shiatsu Shiatsu is also energy work, but is received hands-on (and clothed). You may be stretched, pressed, rocked, or gently shaken. Natural flow patterns of energy will be encouraged and restored. Natural self-referencing will be encouraged by boosting and saturating your field. If you feel grounded and comforted by touch, or have structural issues that would enjoy being gently addressed, this might be a good place to start. • Basic Shiatsu is one hour. Full Shiatsu is 2 hours. • This Shiatsu session is based on Polarity Therapy, developed by Randolph Stone, and the Zen Shiatsu of Shizuto Masunaga. Mossage Mossage is therapeutic touch using oil on skin, meeting and releasing tension in layers. It is received unclothed to your level of comfort, and draped (covered up). Throughout the session I maintain contact with one of your hands, allowing you to offer feedback and direction even if unable to speak. If you are ready to float in your own sensation, up-level how you perceive yourself, and dissolve and drift in the joy of being you, this is my most powerful offering.
    This style is based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, a ground-breaking scientist who measured the movement of energy in living systems, and Gordon Inkeles who popularized self-guided massage training in the US. • One-sided Mossage plus focus areas on the other side is two hours. Full-body or full-body except breasts and belly is three hours.
    Note on the Mossage style This style developed while working primarily with women. Women's bodies are softer and more fluid than men's. I work with this; repatterning connective tissue and fascia and stimulating lymphatic drainage. This is a liquid, pleasurable massage style that gets systemic results by relaxing soft tissue and deep tissue, draining metabolic wastes from muscles, and providing a supportive relationship container in which to disarm and expand. There may be deep tissue work and myofascial release, but it will be part of a painless, low-force, low-pressure progressive relaxation sequence. It is the energy of the body being fully distributed that leads to a systemic reset. Note on draping Mossage is received unclothed but covered. The top sheet or 'drape' covers everything that is not receiving touch. Long strokes from the heels to the shoulders and down the arms, and from the skull to the hip sockets are effective and much loved, and are blocked by undergarments. But please remember: Your comfort is the most important element of a good massage. You get no points for pretending to be more comfortable with nudity than you actually are. Please wear whatever helps you feel comfortable, and if you do wear a garment please choose one that is loose-fitting that can get oily. Tight elastic hurts my hands.
    Basic massage workflow
    You come in to the office and sit down. We discuss your intake form. I show you how the body cushion works. You pick the oil you like. If you need to the bathroom, you go. When you are ready, I leave the room while you get undressed, onto the table and covered. You call out when you are ready.  I return and begin the session. When the session is done, I leave the room. You get off the table and dressed. You open the door when you are ready for me to return. If you have feedback or comments I hear them. We handle payment. You go.
    I do emotionally connected work
    If a physically intense but emotionally disconnected experience is your preference, I am the wrong choice.
    Time is not equal to money
    If an experience where quality is the primary consideration appeals to you, on the preferences form, propose the maximum amount of money and time you are willing to spend and I will be flexible about the time it takes to give you a wonderful experience.
  • Assuming that time equals money is one of the most stressful things civilized people do. Our priority here is to relieve stress, so we avoid that assumption.

    What if you have enough time and money to develop and deepen a therapeutic relationship that helps you get to the root of your stress and tension, and operate without them? Enough time and money to get to know and trust someone who will help you do that? I aim to make that real for you.

    Here’s how:

    Your first session with me is open-ended. You select the amount of money that you would like to give for an hour and a half, and I commit to working with you for at least an hour and a half and up to three hours for that amount of money.

    This may be the first time your body is not rushed at all. That it relaxes at its own comfortable speed. And that someone completely attentive to your experience and skilled at making it positive gives your nervous system the support it needs to fully disarm.

    Once you get this experience you will have a better understanding of how much care-time you actually prefer. Once you feel comfortable and confident communicating with me, setting your regular rate together will be much less stressful.

    While this experience may seem priceless, the practical reality is that it takes more time to run sessions in which your communication is valued. And it takes more frequent sessions to build the trust needed to really get to the bottom of your stress and tension, and build your comfort and confidence about having the feelings you do and being the person who owns them.

    This therapy will only happen if you can afford it. I am comfortable working more hours at a lower rate in order to get great results. I have always made enough money. I do not feel stress about that, or subscribe to social stories about money paid equaling my value. I know what I need to do this work well. Getting great results always gets me paid well.

    When given enough time to have a comfortable human interaction, with nothing rushed or glossed over, and all loose-ends cleaned up, this work positively changes lives. I am here to do that, and to model that being attentive to one’s feelings and needs is a successful formula for navigating life well.

    For the initial visit here’s a rough guideline:

    Low income and assets (less than $25,000 in annual income before taxes and less than $10,000 in assets): $75.

    Low to middle: $100 - $125

    Middle-income and assets ($50,000 - $100,000 in annual income before taxes or at least $50,000 in assets): $150.

    Middle to upper: $175 - $225

    Upper income and assets ($100,000 or more in annual income before taxes or at least $200,000 in assets): $250

  • The picture below is me, Mo Lohaus CMT, in August 2016, working at a Farmers' Market. I was certified in Neo-Reichian Massage, Shiatsu, and Polarity Therapy in 1995 and 1996 at Heartwood Institute, and have practiced in the Bay Area ever since.

    My practice primarily serves the Bay Area’s conscious dance, yoga, Kohenet, and Burning Man communities; providing sensitive care to intelligent bodies.

    Unusual beginnings:

    I started out rubbing dogs and cats and did that for my first decade. They taught me all the essentials of how to be caring and well-connected. As a teenager I learned sports / lymphatic drainage massage from books and practiced for a solid ten years before entering massage school. I learned that the kind of connection possible with animals is possible with people, and that creating a supportive setting is important: an honest, reverent relationship in which communication is encouraged; a comfortable, warm, place in which to disarm and relax; and enough time for organic relaxation patterns to run and complete — generally two hours, minimum.

    By the time I was formally trained, I already knew what worked well, and was prepared to upgrade standard practices to those more effective; structuring therapy sessions and professional relationships to support the emotional content evoked by touch.

    Unusual venues:

    After graduating, I began a 10-year period of working on the street as well as in an office. I did chair massage on Market Street at Powell, in San Francisco, from 1997 to 2007, becoming a familiar presence. I also worked on Telegraph Avenue and the UC Berkeley Campus during this period, before moving to the Berkeley Farmer's Market in 2010. I learned enormities about doing chair massage, and holding psychic space in places where there was no physical container. I also developed a hands-off energy work style that gets significant results. I tended to attract yogis and meditators who understood that I was offering an unusual degree of attunement and sensitivity which honored their own inner work and confirmed their inner wisdom.

    I worked the festival circuit (Earthdance, Harmony, Symbiosis, Burning Man) heavily from 2004 to 2016, doing deep work with those willing to instigate powerful life changes. Sharing unguardedly, allowing myself to put down being an expert and meet every client as a complete authority on their own experience was deeply humanizing.

    I did 5rhythms dance 40 - 50 times a year between 2004 and 2009, and was the resident bodyworker at Dance Jam > Dance Journey > Berkeley Ecstatic Dance from 2010 to 2015. I continue to work at NCDC Dance Camp. Working with dancers has given me valuable experience with highly functional bodies. Working with these intelligent bodies was a natural extension of work with yogis and meditators, with the added feature of a population comfortable with deep emotional states.

    Over 200 healing sessions at Center Camp, Burning Man, over eleven summers, starting in 2004, decisively redefined  how I work: More honesty and more emotional connection mean more relaxation and more perceptual repatterning. Bond-strength created by consistently supportive verbal and touch-based communication seems more important than skill alone in creating safe experiences that unlock and realign us. Having truly precious people to work with each year has refined my comfort in connecting deeply, and upgraded my integrity, attentiveness, and intuition in serving as a catalyst for others' self-respect and authentic authority.

    Experiences of being witnessed and respected reset and empower us. Massage provided with unconditional acceptance and unblinking presence, served with empathy, reverence, and compassion changes lives. This is the kind of healing work I care about and practice.

    Metaphysical roots:

    Sciences of consciousness and elective perception developed by ancient people support all that I do. Yogic, Taoist, and Toltec practices guide and inform my life. These traditions offer practical means to real-world ends; resources for expanding and enriching awareness; and maps and milestones for migrating from social to natural referents. I particularly recommend: Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by BKS Iyengar, the Taoist work of Liu Ming, at DaYuanCircle.org, and The Fire from Within, by Carlos Castañeda. Thanks for your interest, and for the opportunity to grow together.

    Contact Mo: 510.990.0440 mo[at]mossage[dot]info

  • The first time I worked with him I just cried and cried; the pain from my accident drained out of me in little shakes. The second time I realized that it was also the pain of being alone and uncared for most of  my life. I stopped crying, and just soaked in the goodness of being valued and cared for. Being with someone who is there to take care of you, who likes you and wants the best for you changes everything.


    I drive more than an hour to see him. I am a big-bodied Latina lesbian and he is a straight white man. He is the closest thing to my grandmother that I have. She was the one who listened to, understood, accepted, and adored me, no matter what. Now it is him.


    When I need to  feel at home with another man, who accepts me regardless of what my mouth or mind or body is doing.… Who accepts all of it gently, without comment or opinion.… When I need to return to completeness through tribal belonging: I call him.


    He is my go-to-guy for breaking bad habits. When I am giving myself to a man who is bad for me, I see him regularly to get contrast and perspective. Being with him reminds me of the difference between being self-abandoning, compulsive, disconnected, and doomed, and being self-respecting, intentional, connected, and inspired. He resets me and restores me to reality–the reality of what is healthy and good for me.


    As someone who has judged their body their whole life, and felt judged because of their body their whole life, it is a life-changer to feel completely welcomed and liked, accepted and protected, the way I do with him.


    He reminds me of a different period in history, when people were honest and direct and helped each other.


    I was a pretty, rotten, miserable person. I used anything I could to control people into wanting or needing me. This is just how women are, where I come from, and what I knew how to do.

    I think he figured me out when I walked into his office. He was immediately kind, gentle, and attentive with me—the way folks are with the elderly. In his eyes I could have been 100 years old. I was used to feeling attractive and desired, and certainly in this situation–about to get a massage–I was expecting to feel powerful and wanted.

    Suddenly I was just a person. My body was no big deal.

    My normal role and position were unplugged and that was vulnerable and unfamiliar at first. I think he could tell, and made a point of making me talk a lot so that I would listen to myself and realize there was a lot to like about me; a lot more than just my body. It was one of the first times someone seemed sincerely interested in me and sincerely liked me.

    I got amazing massages from him. I felt completely precious and completely safe. I knew he didn't want anything from me. I relaxed like I have never relaxed with another person. I still cry when I think about it. It changed me.

    He was like the one teacher in middle school who really gets you, believes in you, and wants you to succeed. The one who wants you to be fully yourself more than anything else, and will sacrifice, and put aside personal profit in order to make that happen. It saved my life.


    I worked with him for two years and never spoke to him. I filled in his form and told him that was how I wanted it. I wanted the comfort animals get from their own kind, that basic affectionate encouragement that I was a good creature, and the world was glad I am here. I got it from him. I detached from the story of my life and recentered in the experience of it. I had two homes, his office and the dojo, and it was enough.


    I go to the edge with him; the edge of what is safe and possible. I take off my clothes, my masks, my weapons, and my tricks: This is someone I cannot manipulate and would not want to. This is someone I can trust and be real with; every time. I see him when I need a total professional. He is like my climbing guide on El Capitan; the one I am tied to by metal and rope, hanging above a void as I exceed my assumptions and beliefs. In his care I lean out into total trust in the universe’s goodness. Every time I am completely blessed. Every time I return more whole, more me, having claimed more of myself.


    You can find my Yelp reviews here and my Google reviews here.