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Positive touch and personal support reset you. When your body and soul feel befriended, you transform. Postures of personality release. Enthusiasm and gratitude increase.

Kind, conscious contact is more than a transaction. It is a path to accepting, understanding and appreciating yourself. Valuing and feeling good about yourself are empowering.

Getting to know and like you allows me to care for you sincerely. Getting to know and trust me allows you to absorb it. Feeling liked and valued updates your reality. Touch transmits it past rationality and makes it a fact.

I use no force with you. I create comfort in our connection and let that soften and relax whatever is ready to change. Being attentive, sensitive and responsive to your signals builds a relationship where being simple and honest are easy, and being comfortably and confidently yourself is natural.

Mo Lohaus, CMT
Voice/Text: 510.990.0440
Email: mo[at]mossage[dot]info

New clients for Reiki or Shiatsu: Please call or email to schedule.

New clients for Massage: Please fill out the intake questionnaire. We will discuss it before your session.

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What makes this service unusual and special?

I offer personal care. Touch is most healing when you can relax with the person touching you. My service is set up so that we meet, understand and feel comfortable with each other before any touch happens, and can communicate easily about any issue touch brings up.  

Honesty and vulnerability make our collaboration successful. The intake process helps me support you skillfully, but it is only the beginning of our communication: Ask or tell me anything, at any time, that helps you feel safe and supported in our interaction. It will help us learn and grow together.

You are the director of this movie. I may be an expert at touch-based therapy, but you are the expert on what is right for you. By revealing and revising your preferences you are responsibly providing the information I need to serve you well.

I accept you. I have worked with clients from all social groups, with all kinds of challenges and bodies. You can be honest and direct with me about who you are, what your experiences have been, and what you intend from our interaction. I will be honest about my ability and willingness to meet your intentions.

Your feelings are the law here. Asking another person to touch you is a sacred act of trust that I will uphold by noticing and honoring your signals immediately.

Count on positive reflection. How you perceive yourself shapes how you wear your body and how comfortably it fits. I am as kind with my words as I am with my hands.

Talk as much or as little as you want. This therapy is about befriending yourself, your body, and the feelings and thoughts that happen there. Do what helps you be present. I have experienced both sublime silent grace and the most fascinating conversations while giving massage.

I sincerely like people. I will enjoy meeting you, and will find the same joy in massaging you that I find in rubbing dogs and cats. It does my heart good to help you feel natural, happy and valued, and to create experiences whose only takeaways are gratitude and joy.