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Hi! My name is Mo, and I do Mossage. I am in Yelp’s top 20 Bay Area Massage Therapists because I successfully support clients in feeling more comfortable with their bodies. I help you dissolve postures of defensiveness and tension and restore sensitive self-attunement. I help you relax deeply and feel at peace with yourself.

Massage can be an emotional experience. I skillfully create a relationship of connectedness with you where deepening sensation is safe and communicating preferences and needs is easeful. Positively resetting how you feel about yourself and empowering your confidence in the shared space you occupy are priorities here. With these goals accomplished the tension that comes from frustrated self-expression is relieved.

My preferences form initiates a process of helping you feel accepted, understood and appreciated, and helping me understand how to serve you well. Please fill out the form before booking, or book knowing that we will decide the content of our session once we have discussed the form.

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Consistent Consent: Staying connected through contact signals

I am delighted that a solution to a long-term challenge has finally presented itself and been tested: a way to stay connected even when massage recipients are in deep, non-verbal states. Contact signals allow folks to signal no, yes, or yes please, even when too relaxed to speak, making it possible to be fully immersed in the massage experience AND able to communicate and give direction.

For folks who have experienced trauma, assault, or non-consensual contact this is revolutionary. For massage therapists working with them, it takes the guess work out of sensitive and possibly evocative contact. It is possible to know exactly what is comfortable for the client, and to update that every ten seconds, using hand-to-hand signals that are easy to learn, assuring that the entire experience is safe, supportive and agreed to.

I have been using hand-to-hand contact with clients for decades as a way of providing supportive connectedness, and a way for them to signal discomfort or alarm. Adding a language with a few key words, and checking the signal regularly has allowed me to work with even highly traumatized clients successfully. Those whose preferences and feelings have been ignored or overstepped need to be asked what their preferences are, and asked repeatedly, to understand that their feelings and preferences matter, and that someone is upholding them (because they themselves, in past situations were often not able to communicate or advocate for themselves).

While some clients are comfortable passing out and dreaming in the massage experience, others have self-protective hypervigilance that does not allow this. They talk throughout the session in order to feel connected with the person touching them and reassure themselves that the experience is safe. Talking is a useful tool for those who need this type of reassurance. For those who want it, contact signaling allows them to stop talking and relax fully, because part of them is assured that their signals are being consistently solicited, replied to, and valued.

If you find yourself talking through every massage you receive, even though you truly want to relax, feel free to ask me about the other techniques I have developed to help you do that. I am committed to providing experiences that feel wonderful, help you inhabit your sensation and preferences more fully, and empower you to value and express yourself more easily.