Mossage Massage Therapy


Deep work: Careful, layered, and lasting. Emotional relief, conscious integration, and perceptual repatterning; these you will find here at Mossage.

I help you positively reset how you perceive yourself. My skillful contact and caring presence help you relax deeply, accept yourself as you are, and release your tension.

I listen to you with all my senses, creating a space and relationship in which you feel authentic and affirmed. The signal you consistently get from me is that I value you.

I make your sensation safe for you. I help you dissolve numbness, pain, and avoidance comfortably, so that you develop a better relationship with your body and hear the useful information it provides.

Being more self-connected, self-attuned, and self-guided, knowing the emotional content shaping your decisions and behaviors, you will meet your challenges more effectively, finding yourself enlivened and empowered in situations that used to be stressful.

Most of my clients are women, dancers, and yogis: sensitive people who require highly attuned and conscious care while shedding social templates and inhabiting personal preferences. Serving this community for 20 years has prepared me to support you in safely accessing and expressing more of yourself.

The careful and thorough process I conduct results from work with hundreds of clients, and an understanding of what you may need in order to create an experience that is exactly right for you.

Browse this site and complete my client intake form. We’ll discuss it and schedule you.

I am on vacation 8/25 – 9/6/16, and will reply to all inquiries between 9/7 and 9/10.

I look forward to talking with you. Feel welcome.

Mo Lohaus, CMT
Voice/Text: 510.990.0440
Email: mo[at]mossage[dot]info

And find me at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market at Alcatraz and Adeline, 2 – 6:30 every Tuesday. Blessings!